Atlanta Jeepers(Georgia)

State: Georgia
Established: 2010
Type: Jeep 4X4
Submitted by: Atljeepers


We are the Atlanta Jeepers Group. This is not a club, there are no dues, no fees, just a group of like minded individuals who all love Jeeps. From stock to rock, we don’t care.

We will be organizing camping, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and just plain old road trips. The group is put together to be a positive learning experience to those new to wheelin’. We will promote a positive attitude, safety, and respect for our community and environment. We’ll make up for our HUGE carbon footprint by giving back to the community in volunteering, picking up trash along the roads and trails, and promoting a positive image of the Jeep community.

If you don’t agree with this, please unjoin.

This group is for Jeeps within a 100 mile radius of Atlanta, GA.

Name: Atlanta Jeepers
Address: n/a
Telephone: n/a
Fax: n/a

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