Carolina Trailblazers 4WD Club(South Carolina)

State: South Carolina
Type: All 4WD Clubs
Contact: James Belcher, Jr   Tel: 828-328-6264  
Submitted by: John Doe


The Carolina Trailblazers Four Wheel Drive Club is a family oriented club formed in 1971 and incorporated in 1973. We ride trails of medium difficulty most of the time but we sometimes ride trails that are suitable for stock vehicles and sometimes hit the real hardcore stuff.

We “Tread Lightly” to minimize the ecological impact of our hobby and try to leave the trails a bit cleaner than we found them. Many of the club members live near Hickory, NC but some live as far away as Eastern NC, SC and TN. Our scheduled trail rides usually take place on the weekend of the second Sunday of the month and can be a one to five hour drive from Hickory. Sometimes there will be an alternate ride for those not able to do the primary ride. A club meeting is usually held during the monthly club ride.

News & Activities

Club trail rides are usually the second Saturday of each month. Occasionally this schedule is modified for holidays. In most cases the club meets at the proscribed meeting point at 9 a.m. A short club meeting usually follows and we began our trail ride immediately following the meeting. Please allow yourself enough time in your schedule to eat, fuel up, socialize, air down, etc before 9 a.m. All schedules, directions to the meeting point, difficulty ratings and other vital information can be found in the club newsletter.

Members are encouraged to invite guests for cluboutings, keeping in mind that they are responsible for the behaviour and actions of their guests. Guests are encouraged to apply for club membership, keeping in mind that repeated, continual attendance at club rides requires that you be a member of the club. If members friends want to ride with us on a regular basis please encourage them to join the club! The scheduled trail rides usually include a mixture of difficulty options depending on the modifications to your vehicle. Often rides are split into different groups to accomodate vehicle differences. NO ONE is left behind on our club rides! If you start out with us, you end up with us!

Ride Schedule 2013

    January 5th - The Flats, Morganton, NC

    February 9th - Hush Hole, Highlands, SC

    March 9th - Coal Creek OHV Park, Oliver Springs, TN

    April 13th - Uwharrie National Forest, Eldorado, NC

    May 17th - Black Mountain OHV park, Evarts, KY (Harlan)

    June 8th - Golden Mountain OHV, Sparta, TN

    July 13th - Pots Mountain, New Castle, VA

    August 10th - Black Mountain OHV park, Evarts KY (Harlan)

    September 14th - 42nd Annual Fun Caravan at Uwharrie National Forest, Eldorado, NC

    September 28th - Dixie Run, Golden Mountain OHV Park, Sparta, TN

    November 9th - Uwharrie Veteran's Day Ride, Eldorado, NC

    December 14th - Christmas Ride & Dinner, Uwharrie National Forest, Eldorado, NC

Membership Information

All members are asked to fill out a new membership application each year. This form can be mailed USPS to the address on the form or sent by email to . This ensures not only that the club has your current contact and emergency information but that we have a signed form from each member, each year, that acknowledges the liability disclaimer at the bottom of the membership form

Club dues for fiscal year 2013 are as follows:

  • Membership with emailed newsletter $50
  • Membership with snail mailed newsletter $65
  • Note: A small fee is added to cover PayPal processing
The club dues include membership in the Southern Four Wheel Drive Association and the United Four Wheel Drive Association.
Name: James Belcher, Jr
Address: n/a
Telephone: 828-328-6264
Fax: n/a
Email: n/a

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