About 4xsuburban

4x4 Club: n/a

Date of Birth: Mar 1969

Location: Leander, TX

Gender: Male

Occupation: Auto Mechanic

Years of Experience: Been turning wrenches for over 25 years

My 4x4: 1984 K20 3/4 ton Suburban

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Hello, I'm 4xsuburban

Not much to say, I like to be outdoors, fishing, hunting, camping etc. If I can get there with my truck, even better. I build engines and have Jegs and Summit on speed dial, but who doesn't?

Location: Leander, TX
Country: USA
Occupation: Auto Mechanic
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Mar 1969
Years of Experience: Been turning wrenches for over 25 years

My first 4WDing experience

I'm old, I can't remember that far back....

My recent 4x4 adventures

None recently, been to sidetracked with work.

Great destinations for camping and 4WDing

could use some suggestions here

My dream rides

my 3/4 ton Suburban, took me a long time to find it

My favorite workshop


My 4x4 - 1984 K20 3/4 ton Suburban

Nothing very special yet, 2in lift, aftermarket intake, demon carb, custom exhaust

What I'm so proud with my 4x4

I'll let you know

What modifications have I done to my 4x4?

Exhaust, suspension lift, edelbrock intake,demon carb, Mallory billet distributor

How I started to modify my 4x4 vehicle

Started with the power plant

Tyres and Wheels:

33 in Falcons, on stock wheels from a 96 chevy pickup


2 in suspension lift, rancho shocks


350 CID small block, 4 bolt main, more to come

Body and Exterior:

no mods.......yet


no mods........yet

Other Cool Gear:

roof cargo rack, soon to be installed

What are my next plan?

6 inch lift, 37 in tires new steering components

What are the most challenging when modifying my 4x4?

body work, never had a hand at it, so I have to go slow

I am the club member of


Member since


Club information that I would like to share

New club, and am looking for members for offroading/camping and fishing excursions, Located in the Texas Hill Country and surrounding areas.

Events that I have joined

none yet.

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