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Posted on 02-Aug-2013 in Editor's Notes
Help us create better content about 4×4 – we are looking for writers and photographers to contribute to our site. Are you passionate about 4WDing, Offroading and about sharing your ... read more

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seat Question
Asked on 27-Feb-2015 in Do It Yourself

Hi there i need to fit a 3/4 seat to my 70 series cruiser for baby seat. Thers is no seat belt holes or 1 bolt hole for seat Hope some one can help Regards Jeff.

wandering tj Answer
Answered on 25-Feb-2015

Yes the lift kit came with the dropped pitman arm.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Towing Answer
Answered on 24-Feb-2015

Great Question.. First and Foremost.. If the vehicle has not been equipped with a tow package.. and one simply "straps on" a trailer hitch.. One could have minor or major issues. Towing was meant for short distant moves.. especially if ... read more

steering shudder Answer
Answered on 24-Feb-2015

Although I can't help you with your troubles.. The 07-Current Jeep Wranglers have been known to have this same issues. Technically Known as a "Death Wobble".. We've suffered with our first wobble this past summer.. On a non-lifted 08 Jeep ... read more

1987 Samurai A/C Installation manual Answer
Answered on 24-Feb-2015

I've Used Haynes Repair Manuals for Years.. http://www.haynes.com/products/productID/292 Typicality these manual can be found in Auto Zone, Advanced Auto, PepBoys etc..

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