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Posted on 02-Aug-2013 in Editor's Notes
Help us create better content about 4×4 – we are looking for writers and photographers to contribute to our site. Are you passionate about 4WDing, Offroading and about sharing your ... read more

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Mud truck Question
Asked on 22-Jan-2015 in

Should I buy a 1996 Chevy Tahoe with 39.5 mud bloggers for a new mud truck?

97 bravada Question
Asked on 16-Jan-2015 in Tips & Advice

can you drive 97 bravada without front driveline

4×4 Conversion Question
Asked on 08-Jan-2015 in Modification Guides

Hi, Wonder if anyone out there can help me? I am taking a 51 chevy 3600 and turning into a 4x4. I have a couple options and questions (1), should I use the original frame and put running gear from ... read more

whinning in dif Question
Asked on 28-Dec-2014 in Suggestions

I have a whining in my dif . I drive a 92toy runner.I changed the gear oil but continue to hear whining. Checked both rear wheels but found no wetness from any fluids in areas. Checked pinion seal and drive ... read more

whinning noise Question
Asked on 28-Dec-2014 in Do It Yourself

I have a 92runner and changed out the gear oil because I heard a whining in the rear of the tri. I checked both tires for any kind of wet oil substance and none found . I checked the drive ... read more

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