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4x4 Club: n/a

Date of Birth: Jul 1958

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Gender: Male

Occupation: Architect

Years of Experience: 3

My 4x4: Toyota Land Cruiser

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Hello, I'm John Doe

I am very passionate about 4x4 and caravaning, trekking safely whislt caring for the environment. My aim is to share my experiences, be they good or bad, with you, and the main objective being to have fun.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Country: USA
Occupation: Architect
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Jul 1958
Years of Experience: 3

My first 4WDing experience

I just did my first solo 4WD camping trip. I went to Flinders Beach North Stradbroke Island. Had a great time and I am so glad I purchased my first 4WD in June.

My recent 4x4 adventures

Reading a bit on the Internet and having Canyon Island on top of the list of things to see and I decided it is time to organize a 4x4 trip so I rang my brother to come along with his Landcruiser as I thought it is always better to go with two vehicles especially as I have not a lot off road experience.

Great destinations for camping and 4WDing

Flinders Beach North Stradbroke Island

My dream rides

Honda TRX350TE TM FE FMFourtrax ES

My favorite workshop

Morris 4×4 Center in Pompano Beach, Florida

My 4x4 - Toyota Land Cruiser

I bought my 2011 3.0. D4D 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser and i can really say its the best decision I've ever made after owni'ng a 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser 3.0 D4D 4x2. It truly is an amazing vehicle.

What I'm so proud with my 4x4

Stunning muscular looks, a serious head turner. Kids just shout with joy when they see Toyota Land Cruiser on road. I have had people chase me in highway to stop and look at the vehicle.

What modifications have I done to my 4x4?

I made my own brake bias extension bracket. Rear lower control arms are 4H plus 16mm arms. Fit super flex arms with matching springs and shocks. Remove drop boxes. I want to get my barwork done before I drop it down. Front locker is an ARB air locker. Got this second hand, has also been fitted to my 2 previous Patrols. Front auto hubs were replaced with Nissan manual hubs. Rear locker is a TJM pro locker. I chose the TJM over the ARB because they don't have the problems with leaking O-rings allowing diff oil back up the air line. My compressor is in the cabin, and I don't want to smell diff oil while I'm driving. Engine mods; Beaudesert 2 3/4" exhaust with muffler, provent 200 catch can (soon to be plumbed to automatically drain back to sump), dawes and needle valves to contol boost (set to 16psi max at the moment), VDO boost and pyro gauges mounted in a custom panel under radio.

How I started to modify my 4x4 vehicle

Believe it or not when planning to modify you 4x4, to improve its off-road capability, you start at the bottom and work up. To be more precise you start with the tyres. Your choice will dictate most of the other work required. Some choose the tyres purely on cosmetics, others for more practical reasons such as increased ground clearance and tread type. Often there may be some compromise depending on factors such as; clearance in the wheelarches and the knock on effect to the overall gearing.

Tyres and Wheels:

I am getting ready to buy new tires for my '89 Toyota Pickup 4x4 which has 15x10 rims on it, and no lift kit. I am currently running 29 x 11.5 R15 Super Swamper SSR tires, which are becoming very difficult to get anymore.


I am looking seriously at the Equipe 4x4 stage 2 base kit and adding Bilstein 7100 shocks instead of their brand racing shock. I do not intend to race but will require articulation, a comfortable ride, and most of all quality.


When installing a new cam shaft, one option is to simply back off the head bolts, remove the rocker arm assembly, carefully unbolt the cam shaft bearing caps, swap things around and hope the head gasket holds while you get it all back together. I was originally planning to do this, but decided that since I was into the engine this far I might as well go all the way. It was recommended to me that replacing the stock head bolts with ARP head studs was well worth the investment.

Body and Exterior:




Other Cool Gear:


What are my next plan?

Future plans for suspension; drop it down to about 50 to 75mm lift, it looks very high, especially with the road wheels on. It doesn't need to be that high to run 33's, and I don't want to be defected.

What are the most challenging when modifying my 4x4?

I'm still having trouble with excessive EGT's on long hills and over taking (while towing an over loaded camper trailer), so I'm going to try a new MAF sensor, will look into better intercooling after that. As a short term fix I have an idea to raise the bonnet scoop up about 25mm, and fit a water spray.

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