About Alix

4x4 Club: n/a

Date of Birth: Dec 1958

Location: Billings, MT

Gender: Male

Occupation: Welder/ Mechanic, Industrial

Years of Experience: 38

My 4x4: 77 Ford F-250 4x4 HighBoy Custom

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Hello, I'm Alix

Love the Full FOUR wheel drive experience. U.S. Veteran. More to come.....

Location: Billings, MT
Country: USA
Occupation: Welder/ Mechanic, Industrial
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Dec 1958
Years of Experience: 38

My first 4WDing experience

77 Ford F-250 4x4 HighBoy with factory tires on, went down to the local quarry, got buried in a silt pond flat. Found old metal bed springs and boards, shoveled and shoveled fast, was sinking, shuv'd junk in front of tires, hopped in, eased out clutch, tires caught ramp materials, threw on the gas and didn't let up until over the burm and up n out on high ground. That was a heart pounder, I just bought it, but proud once up n out a there!

My recent 4x4 adventures

I should do more off road club'n!

Great destinations for camping and 4WDing

Western Wyoming, MI great sable sand dunes area.

My dream rides

Extreme 4x4s of most types. Extreme turbo diesel 4x4 semi tractors

My favorite workshop

Definitely Not psychology!

My 4x4 - 77 Ford F-250 4x4 HighBoy Custom

4x4 High Boy. Runs & drives great. 2 Owner 1980. Orig. paint & body. Survivor Rig!! No computer chips, easy to work on, Fully Survivor Equiped. (( PKG. DEAL: TRUCK; $4.5k, NEW 400M ENG./ XL CLUTCH both w/papers; $4.3k, RARE PARTS; $3.2k,...READ ON)). 2nd 400M 4 bbl, headers w/ cross tube tuning, into one 3" final w/ rubber hangers naturally & good flow but med. quiet, Electronic Ignition. Just put in 2 diesel max. batterys 1600 CCA @ 0'F. 2 tanks 38 gal.. 2 fresh/warm air. 10 qt. oil pan. Eng. heater. 6 blade vicious/clutch fan. New Process 435 4 spd. manual trany. New Process 205 transfer case w/ low n' high 4x4 ranges. 3 prop shafts n' 6 u-joints w/ zerks, all in great shape. Super HD rear springs added w/ 4 leaf ov loads added. Dana 60 rear axle and dana 44 front, both posi n' 4:11s. 8 hole x 16.5 rims w/ 33" x 12.5" B.F. Goodrich M/T "nobbers 50psi load rng. D, "2/3 left. 4 33" tire chains fitted & never used. Survival goodies if you want 'em. Fairly recent brake linings and fluid change on double piston disc fronts and HD drum rears. All ball joints and shocks are great shape. P.S. rebuilt, incl. ram assist, approx 199?. Most components have been rebuilt or replaced any number of times as needed over the years. Everything works. Super HD Class IV "Stump Puller" tow pkg. Trailer brake controller. Grill guard and HD pull hooks. Hood and cab noise reduction pads. Rear cab to topper slide windows on both. Side cab windows functioning and smooth. Full needle guages w/ Tach in dash. 2nd & better cab heater core is great. I've been commercial/ prof.mech./welder for decades. Several clean simple brackets under hood and in cab to solve problems. Rear box/topper highly organized/ somewhat insulated for on road repairs/supplies/"camping w/110v 3 way pig tails into box and cab from under side for auxillary 110v fan or heater, 4 under hood lights, 2 in topper lt.s, rear I.S./O.S. flood light. Professionally done, for RV park or surviving! Cab behind seat 6' tray. Rear Hub isolate rear diff. scenario, run rear whl brg.s only, drop rear prop., put in 4 whl on front axle only, 'n still get there, (if ya think I'm nuts, YOU' R way behind me.) C.B.! 2 lok gas caps. In cab hood release. 2 lok lug keys. A Small "doink" barely visible, way left rear quarter, But NO accidents. Garaged for roughly 60% of it's 37 yr. life. Mechanic's spec./ Maintenance tech. books/manuals & records available. Original clean 77 owners manual. LOTS rare parts & EXTRAS: weld in rear fender replacements, 2 front lock hubs, whl bearings, extra 5 wheels n' rubber, New 400M w/ 4 bbl, spec. papers and slight hp performance upgrade ("Mobile Serve Auto" Billings) & Bigger Stronger Clutch that fits orig. ("ClutchMasters", Billing)trany w/ shop names & #s for verification, New emerg. brake cables, new valve covers, oil pump, starter, alternator, new extra belts 'n hoses, new full eng gask. pkg, 5 gal jerry can, tow 'n cargo straps, all the tools you'l need to work on it, timing lights, jumpers, stakes 'n sledge hammers to pull u out of stuck, saws, axes, flares, warn triangles, 1st aid kit, lead additives, new sleep bags, rifle holder behind seat & topper ceiling, bow/arrow case holder, Roll ov./cloths hanger Bar rear. 3 new eng block heaters, New Cases of oils/lubes/grease, new clevite main and rod journal brg.s 'n piston rings to rebuild old 400M, another set of new rear shoes, a 3rd midship fuel door 'n inlet, water jet exh plates 'n tube to build your own thicker "headers" 4 longer life 'n easier starter change, 98% still in new boxes, more, more, etc, ALL GO W/THIS PKG. DEAL !!! This truck can pull a field disc!!! 1994 a guy walked right up and offered $10,000.00 CASH on the spot for it alone!!! I preped it to go to alaska w/ solid confidence. Yesterday I went 2 hr round trip 4 splys 'n pulled a tree 1/2 mile w/ it, washed 'n parked it! Price is OBO. Deal is: "as is no warranty" (It's 37 yr. old, right?!!!!)). I'll go out of my way to answer your Q.s, send more photos... Photos are 30 July 2013. Glad to offer this "Brute" up to enrich someone elses world. Excellent for 4x4 club, SURVIVALIST, Hunting, camping, easy to work on project truck w/o computer/sensors, or just sport'n around! Truck: $4.5k. New Motor: $3.5k. Bigger even stronger clutch set-up: $800. Rare & extras: $3.2k.,$12,000. Value for $9,500.! ((incl tools, add $1.2k.)) Price is pkg deal and is OBO, Your offer can secure it. Trades are possible, but if I gatta advertise sell them, I'm back in the same boat. So call, Make an offer... Buyer MUST be present w/ 9.5k OBO/ negotiable, U.S. cash,, (no counterfeit) to receive title and keys. (No sight unseen w/ pickup agent.) THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST. Alix

What I'm so proud with my 4x4

Lot a History, nostalgia w/ that truck. I've camped, ate, drank, partied, sex, sick, slept, traveled, married, divorced,...Had a life w/ this TRUCK!!!

What modifications have I done to my 4x4?

See above. Still love to see a winch front, and two swing outs at rear w/ two jerry cans left and one tire rt.!!

How I started to modify my 4x4 vehicle

Need is the mother of invention! The more I wanted to do/see, the more thought/work/$ went into the 4x4!! .

Tyres and Wheels:

33.x12.5x16.5 rims, B.F.G. M/Ts


Straight leaf all 4. Re-bent fronts, super HD rears w/ 4 leaf ov. loads


400M, 4bbl, 2 fresh air, 2warm air, 2 Batt for 1600 cca @ 0'F, Headers w/ long Y into one 3" final.

Body and Exterior:

factory original. Class IV Tow pkg.. Grill guard that compliments the truck, not a bushel basket /bra glued to my front end...


Few creature comfort mod.s

Other Cool Gear:

Basically set up as a Survivor, hunting, sporting, offroader's rig, w/ lots more cool stuff to be added future: Swing out 5gal jerry can one side, 1 factory wheel spare swingout at tailgate exterior. both swing out and then drop tailgate. Winch at grillguard, Plate is there, winch is coming. More to follow....

What are my next plan?

Wide Open!

What are the most challenging when modifying my 4x4?

Keeping each mod to be in cinc w/ the whole pkg/vehicle look/attitude. so it doesn't look like a cobbled patchwork of jerry rigging. I think I'm good at this, but really takes smoking the brain wheels sometimes!!

I am the club member of

Not Currently, Independent- free lance adventurer!

Member since


Club information that I would like to share

I've drove along w/ several friends over the decades, but never officially joined any one club, no offense.

Events that I have joined

Deep back in the mountains, 4 wheel'in hours, once 2 days, to get to a week camp site. Intense, rewarding, beautiful, relaxing, fun!

My Rig Photos more