About Dr tire

4x4 Club: n/a

Date of Birth: Jan 1952

Location: yuma, AZ

Gender: Male

Occupation: desiger of tires and wheels, consultant in off road tires and wheels

Years of Experience: too dam many...50?

My 4x4: 1985 m1008 ambulance, modifide to a camper, 1985 M1008 with 454 4" lift and 37" M16 interco tires, 1986 ZUK and a 1975 very sepcial international scout

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Hello, I'm Dr tire

been tin the tire and wheel business sense 1965.. a long time. . hunting and fishing all over the southwest and mexico allowed me to experience the needs of the off road vehicle. my father was one of the original pioneers of the industry along with Dick Cepek , Mickey Thompson and Warren Guidry of interco tire co, spent 10 years at Big O tires corporate as a regional trainer, area manager, national trainer and national director of training and last new store development. retired from US AIRFORCE as aircraft maintenance/ first Sgt. now semi retired as I sold my tire store I work with Interco Tire co developing wheels and assisting in tire design

Location: yuma, AZ
Country: USA
Occupation: desiger of tires and wheels, consultant in off road tires and wheels
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Jan 1952
Years of Experience: too dam many...50?

My first 4WDing experience

how about "off road" experience. we couldn't afford a 4x4 so we made sand buggies out of cars. my first was a 1962 Plymouth Valiant cut down 14" welded diff, custom built wheels made from two buick rims welded together. (no wide wheels in those days) farm traction tires, (the orginal trau-trac. first run was 35 miles down the beach in mexico to go fishing.

My recent 4x4 adventures

elk hunting in northern Arizona, 8000 feet cold and snow and cold and cold. my Zuk shod with Interco trxus MT tires and Birddog wheels performed like advertised. camping 35 miles in the forest not seeing anyone for 7 days got kinda of funny feeling when the snow level dropped to 6000 feet. snow was to be 1-3 inches but ended up being 1+ feet. fun and did I mention COLD. no didn't get an elk. snow too deep to track

Great destinations for camping and 4WDing

anywhere in the desert

My dream rides

going cross county with Rick Pewe of Pertersons 4X4 mag. are going to do it in January of 14.

My favorite workshop

anyone i give

My 4x4 - 1985 m1008 ambulance, modifide to a camper, 1985 M1008 with 454 4" lift and 37" M16 interco tires, 1986 ZUK and a 1975 very sepcial international scout

will only focus on 1986 Suzuki samurai spring over suspension, rear to front spring conversion with cj7 front springs on the rear. kicker shocks to control spring wrap. 4 to 1 transfer case conversion, fresh motor with 9.5 to one compression pistons and a very custom ground cam by competition cams. really too much to write here.

What I'm so proud with my 4x4

it takes me hunting and back over the roughest terrain you can imagine. it always brings me home, rides so smooth and quite can't tell your even moving. and at 28 mjiles to the gal ya got to love it.

What modifications have I done to my 4x4?

where to start. everything but the windshield wipers have been modified to fit my needs of performance and reliability

How I started to modify my 4x4 vehicle

just after we go it in 1979. it was a roll over salvage, it never hit the ground till it was ready for the dirt

Tyres and Wheels:

Interco trxus Mt's 31/1050R15 on 15x9 Interco Birddog wheels


highly modified springs 4.5 inch longer in the front and 6" longer in the rear. kicker shocks in back control the spring wrap and eliminate wheel hop. all with a spring over axle conversion. very little store bought stuff


1300 cc of raw power. competition cams master cam grinder did the cam. match ported and ported valve pockets, 9.5 to 1 pistons, match ported weber carb. 32/36. runs zuk down the road at 70 so power isn't even a problem. 28 miles to the gallon, sweet

Body and Exterior:

chopped up, beat up and totally functional


dirty and in like it that way

Other Cool Gear:

only what I put in ing

What are my next plan?

1997 4 door sidekick with a straight axle conversion. will be my daily driver

What are the most challenging when modifying my 4x4?

getting the springs just right. not too soft and not too stiff but just right

I am the club member of


Member since


Club information that I would like to share

not a club member of any club but I do run with the foothills 4x4 group. good group of folks. cant take guns and shoot quail.. not really interested except on special occations

Events that I have joined

TDS every year, superstition RV park run put on by the San diego 4 wheelers

My Rig Photos more

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