About Steelcrawler

4x4 Club: n/a

Date of Birth: Aug 1981

Location: Peyton, Colorado

Gender: Male

Occupation: Ironworker

Years of Experience: We have been trailing for 4 + years

My 4x4: 97 Jeep Wrangler

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Hello, I'm Steelcrawler

I'm a ironworker by trade and adventure seeker on trails when I'm not walking steel. I love Colorado and finding new trails for my wife (Tara) and I every chance we get. We have two kids that love going as well. Since I was a kid I've wanted a rock crawling buggy. I started out with a bone stock Cherokee Jeep then I got a 89 Toyota truck with a 8 inch lift with 33x 12.50x15 tires. I traded the Toyota for a Chevy truck it was also lifted with the same size tires on it. My wife and I wheeled as much as we could in both and had a blast but I wanted more so I traded in the Chevy for a 97 Jeep Wrangler lifted with front and rear lockers on 33's. We go wheeling every chance we get. We love meeting people on trails and having a blast doing and trying all the obstacles. My goal is to have a rock crawling buggy and within the next month I will have one.... I'm in a deal right now! I'm going to trade my jeep for a 1963 international Scout buggy. We are very excited and can't wait to get out on the trails in it.

Location: Peyton, Colorado
Country: USA
Occupation: Ironworker
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Aug 1981
Years of Experience: We have been trailing for 4 + years

My first 4WDing experience

We started out driving around Rampart Road and then the family went camping up Gold Camp Road. We went for a drive just "trying out trails" when we found ourselves on a really hard trail in a bone stock Cherokee jeep! lol We made it and I admit it was hard and I was a bit nervous with the family but we made it down and found out it was the trail Eagle Rock. That was the taste I needed to want more adventure. I now have ran that trail more than a few times with no problems.

My recent 4x4 adventures

Our most recent adventure was Chinaman's Gulch just a couple of weeks ago where we ran into some other buggy's and that's where we saw up close the buggy's in action. That's where my wife and I started actively looking for our own buggy.The time before Chinaman's Gulch was Grizzly Lake and that was a blast. Can't wait to do that again in summer and camp at the lake.

Great destinations for camping and 4WDing

Grizzly Lake, Saran Wrap

My dream rides

A 1979 Scottsdale Short Box

My favorite workshop

I really don't have one.... I do my own work so far.

My 4x4 - 97 Jeep Wrangler

The TJ is a 97 Jeep Wrangler lifted on 33's and is locked front and rear with wench.

What I'm so proud with my 4x4


What modifications have I done to my 4x4?

I made a new front and back custom bumpers

How I started to modify my 4x4 vehicle

I started with the better tires and then the bumpers.

Tyres and Wheels:

33x12.50x15 good year duratracks





Body and Exterior:

Red 2 door soft top



Other Cool Gear:


What are my next plan?

is to trade for the Scout within the next month.

What are the most challenging when modifying my 4x4?

Finding the time and the down time of not wheeling.

I am the club member of

4x4 Adventures

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Club information that I would like to share

We are a small group that would love people to join us and go on adventures with us. I am a vet and would love to start up or partner with the wounded warrior and take wounded vets wheeling. We are all about having a great time Check us out and contact us if you want some adventure in your life.

Events that I have joined

jeeping for jugs 2013

My Rig Photos more

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