About Lmdm2291

4x4 Club: n/a

Date of Birth: Apr 1962

Location: Little Egg Harbor, NJ

Gender: Male

Occupation: Equipment Operator

Years of Experience: 25

My 4x4: 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

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Hello, I'm Lmdm2291

Easy going love to participate in all sports. my Favorite is probable Golf and Softball. Love to find a trail and just see where it takes me.

Location: Little Egg Harbor, NJ
Country: USA
Occupation: Equipment Operator
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Apr 1962
Years of Experience: 25

My first 4WDing experience

Hidden Lakes hundreds of trucks used to meet there and have parties and competitions till the state closed it down.

My recent 4x4 adventures

Just cruising the Jersey pines. love to come home work through the trails.

Great destinations for camping and 4WDing

Ocean City MD.

My dream rides

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

My favorite workshop

My Garage.

My 4x4 - 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Just bought this vehicle have plan for updating soon!!

What I'm so proud with my 4x4

Held out for a year to find the right one.

What modifications have I done to my 4x4?


How I started to modify my 4x4 vehicle


Tyres and Wheels:





Straight 6- 4.0 Liter

Body and Exterior:

Nothing yet.



Other Cool Gear:

Coming Soon

What are my next plan?

4 inch Lift Kit and tires.

What are the most challenging when modifying my 4x4?

Finding the time.

I am the club member of

South Jersey 4x4

Member since


Club information that I would like to share

Waiting for News letter.

Events that I have joined

Nothing recent.

My Rig Photos more

Sorry, no photos found