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pamela asked June 20, 2013 in

Advantages and Disadvantages of Towing

What are the advantages and disadvantages of towing with a vehicle with automatic transmission?


1 Answer

angryredbird answered

Great Question..

First and Foremost.. If the vehicle has not been equipped with a tow package.. and one simply “straps on” a trailer hitch.. One could have minor or major issues. Towing was meant for short distant moves.. especially if one has an automatic transmission. There should be a size limit or restriction to how much one can tow as well as the size of the trailer. Safe restrictions such as the max speed one can travel while towing is important.. The lose of control of a vehicle while towing heavy loads can send the vehicle into a tailspin “Jack Knife”
Although companies like U Haul are set up to mount trailer hitches to your vehicle and offer brochures on how to tow.. I’d have to say it would be best to rent a larger truck if you’re going to tow more than your car can handle.



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