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joshmathews asked March 19, 2016 in

Properly Conducting the Safety Belt Fit Test for Children

When it comes to children safety, everyone wants to grow their child faster so that they can use adult seat belts instead of booster seat. When children are about the age 12 and their height and weight requirements meet to exact then they will not take more time in growth. Children have to learn about remove tar from car, when they are able to use adult seat belts. Here are some car travel tips and car safety tips for properly conducting the safety belt fit test.
When you are driving car than you have to move back to see that how the belt rests across the lap of your child. Once buckled, the belt must lay flat against the bottom of his or her hips anywhere across the stomach are too high.
Finally, look to the shoulder strap. The belt should fall naturally across the child’s shoulder and collarbone. Allow your chances to settle into seat so that you can see that belt is fit securely into the children palm. If there is no movement, then your son or daughter is ready to ride like an adult. For those who aren’t yet old enough, give them a few more months of growth and then conduct the test again.



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