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bossman asked October 16, 2013 in

Tire and rim package

I have a 2000 silverado 1500 4×4 stock….I would like to lift it just a tad 2 to 4 in lift and then the biggest tire rim package i can get to make it look awesome. Need someone to schooll me. Is a 2 inch lift even noticable and does that allow me to go with bigger tires and rims or do i need to go 4 inch? do i need a leveling kit etc. I am a total rookie
Thanks for any help.


1 Answer

dennisfranklin answered

I just sold my 2000 z71. ok be careful what you wish for is one bigger tires look better but can kill performance. they are also use and need specific. if its just looks your after then buy looks. if you end up ruining a great truck, well it will look good.
so as a suggestion try this.
1. a good alignment shop maybe able to just adjust your current torsion bars up a bit. just don’t go over 1.75″ measured at the fenders. if no more adjustment is available then you will have to buy some torsion keys. . any 4×4 shop can fix you up there. tires and wheels. my suggestion is 17″ wheels
find a 17×8 or 9 with a 5″ backspace and pare it up with a P285/70R17 its a 33 inch tall 11.25 inch wide tire. my most favorite tire is a NITTO TRAIL GRAPPLER. do not use an LT tire. you will hate your truck and fuel mileage if you do. your going to have to do a little plastic trimming in the fenderwells but no worries a sharp knife can fix that.
good luck



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