4x4 Videos

Total Listing: 60

Chainlink Extreme 4×4 Lizard

Cams hydraulic Chain-drive 4x4, about 7 feet of up OR down motion on each tire.

Jeep Level 5 Extreme Rock Crawling (CLINE Ranch Dec 28)

This new Jeep Wrangler able to push through such rough terrain and is able to rock crawl with such ease.

Huge Chevy S-10 4X4 Mud Truck on 54″ Boggers Blastin Through Mud Hole!!

Chevrolet S-10 Mud Truck blasting through mud hole at Red River Mud Bog near Texarkana, Arkansas on 4th of July weekend 2010.

All new Toyota Highlander Hybrid 2011 Interior (Video Review)

All new Toyota Highlander Hybrid 2011 Interior by autotuningnews

Big Jeep on 49’s and Rockwells

Some big jeep climbing Horsepower hill at Grayrock.

Pink on Tub Rock

TC in Pink trying to climb Tub Rock in the Rain. Watch as the driver of this Pink colored 4x4 attempts to drive up a steep slope.

Extreme 4×4: Insane Climb at Suicide Hill

The boys trying their luck at an insane climb at Suicide Hill in Utah.

Coyote Mirror 2009

Jeep JK and TJ 4 wheeling near Fresno California's Coyote Lake, Red Lake and Mirror Lake.

Roll Over Monster 4×4 BMW Mud Truck at The Barnyard 2010

Thanks to all of you for watching. Even though the 4x4 rolled over, the driver came out of the accident without a scratch.

Ken Block’s Trax STI Car

On the heels of Ken Blocks insane Gymkhana videos and the groundbreaking snowboarding/rally part to close out DCs MTN. Check out this awesome looking car, made for driving in the snow like a breeze.


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