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Hummer Rally

These Hummers are not your average day 4x4s, these Hummers can be driven even when its off the roads.

Toyota 4×4 – Crazy Hill Climb!

Toyota 4x4 Coming back up the only way out of the sinkhole! Look at how these Toyota 4x4s are able to push and get their way out of the sinkhole.

H1 Hummer Extreme 4×4 Mud Bog – Rock Crawling Water Crossing

Extreme H1 Hummer Action. Hummer off road adventure tours. Proformance Hummer Adventures Lancelin Perth Western Australia. These H1 Hummer Extreme 4x4 Mud Bogs are well suited in the any terrain, as they can attempt rock crawls and do water crossings with ease.

600 HP Midget 4×4 Truck Burnout, Must See

600 HP Midget 4x4 Truck Burnout

Tim Cameron at Dirty Turtle Offroad Park Makes Amazing Saves

TC went to Dirty Turtle Off Road Park in Bedford Kentucky to try and climb there 3 Bounty Hills. If he would have climbed all 3 he would have gotten $1500 cash. Watch Tim Cameron pull off amazing saves to get himself out of harms way when performing these stunts.

Mud Trucks – Chevrolet S-10 4×4 on 54 Boggers Stuck Deep!!

Chevrolet S-10 4x4 Mud Truck stuck in mud at Red River Mud Bog near Texarkana, Arkansas. Watch how another Mud Truck is pulling the Chevrolet S-10 out oh the mud as it was stuck.

Trestina Off Road 4×4 Extreme

See This Trestina 4x4 perform these off road and rock crawling.

Airless Tire Test Humvee vs Hummer

Airless tire test Humvee vs Hummer

RC Adventures – Scale RC Trucks Mudding

RC Adventures - Scale RC Trucks #20 - Mudding! Group 4X4 Action! Enjoy this RC 4X4 Action.

4×4 Mud Trucks Drag Trucks TheOutlawVideoSS Hanging with Budd14589

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